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    Privacy Policy

Updated: June 14, 2013

Endeavors Media, Ltd values you as a customer and respects your right to privacy. Endeavors Media, Ltd knows that you purchase our products and services because you trust that Endeavors Media, Ltd will stand behind our promises. Endeavors Media, Ltd pledges our commitment to treat your information responsibly. Endeavors Media, Ltd created this privacy policy to show you that Endeavors Media, Ltd is working hard to protect your privacy.

How does Endeavors Media, Ltd protect the confidentiality and security of your information?
Endeavors Media, Ltd use physical and technical safeguards to protect your information. Endeavors Media, Ltd restricts access to your information to those who need it to perform their jobs. Third-party business partners are bound by law to use the information only for our purposes. They may not disclose it or use it in any other way. Endeavors Media, Ltd complies with all data security laws.

Third Party Ad Servers
The advertisements appearing on this Web site are delivered to you by Google AdSense, or in certain instances, by other third party advertising companies, our Web advertising partners. Information about your visit to this site, such as number of times you have viewed an ad, date/time at which the ads were shown, the advertisers' cookies, and IP address (but not your, address, or other personal information), is used to serve ads to you on this site. In addition, Endeavors Media, Ltd share web site usage information about visitors to our sites with these companies for the purposes of managing and targeting advertisements, measuring their effectiveness, and for market research analysis on our site and other sites. For these purposes, Endeavors Media, Ltd and our third-party advertising company may note some of the pages you visit on our site.

Other Third Parties
Endeavors Media, Ltd may share non-personal, aggregate, or summary, information regarding our users with other third parties not mentioned in this policy. This kind of information does not identify you individually.

What personal information does Endeavors Media, Ltd collect about you?
Endeavors Media, Ltd collects personal information about you from the following sources:

* Endeavors Media, Ltd collects information you send us on applications and forms.
* Endeavors Media, Ltd collect information from your transactions with us, our sister companies, or others.
* Based on the product or services requested, Endeavors Media, Ltd may collect information from others.

What types of information do Endeavors Media, Ltd disclose and to whom?
Endeavors Media, Ltd does not sell your information to anyone. Endeavors Media, Ltd may disclose this information to a business that carries out services and marketing for us. Endeavors Media, Ltd may disclose your information as required or permitted by law. Endeavors Media, Ltd may disclose your information for a legal or regulatory purpose. These include the following types of information.

* Endeavors Media, Ltd may disclose information Endeavors Media, Ltd receive from you on applications or other forms. This may include your name, address, and/or other information.
* Endeavors Media, Ltd may disclose information from your transactions with our sister companies, or us.
* Endeavors Media, Ltd may disclose information to companies that perform marketing services on our behalf. As permitted by law, Endeavors Media, Ltd may disclose some information to others with which Endeavors Media, Ltd has joint-marketing agreements.

What information does Endeavors Media, Ltd collect from websites?
Endeavors Media, Ltd may collect the information you provide when you:

* Request information from one of Endeavors Media, Ltd's web sites
* Use online tools
* Apply online for products
* Subscribe to online services
* Complete an online form
* Conduct transactions online

Endeavors Media, Ltd contracts with certain unaffiliated business partners who help us deliver online products and services. They may keep the information you provide.

Endeavors Media, Ltd may ask you for personally identifiable information at other times, including, but not limited to, when you enter sweepstakes, contests or promotions sponsored by a third party. If you choose to enter sweepstakes, contests or promotions of this nature, Endeavors Media, Ltd may share your personally identifiable information with the third party so they can contact you. The third party may use that information to send you advertisements or other notices, and it is possible that your information may be shared with others.

Surveys and User Research
Endeavors Media, Ltd conducts email and web-delivered surveys from time to time, as well as instant polls, to gather information about our audience. It is important to remember that taking these surveys and polls is entirely optional. You have no obligation to respond to them. Endeavors Media, Ltd share only the aggregate results of these surveys, not individual data, with our advertisers and partners to help them better understand our services and monitor the reach of their advertising on our service. Endeavors Media, Ltd also store some of the information that our users provide in these surveys to help us understand your interests and to make the site more useful for you.

Subscription Forms
Endeavors Media, Ltd uses subscription forms for individuals to request information by subscribing to Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications based on their categories of interest. Endeavors Media, Ltd collect visitor's contact information (like your email address) to provide you with the information that you requested. Endeavors Media, Ltd will periodically send you email referring to news and updates to Endeavors Media, Ltd.

Choice / OPT-IN
Endeavors Media, Ltd provides opt-in opportunities for all Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications that you choose to receive. Endeavors Media, Ltd use your email addresses to confirm your subscription and validity of the provided email address. Your reply to this email is necessary for completing your subscription to any Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications.

Correct / Update
Change the email address that you have subscribed with by first unsubscribing with your current email address. Then, resubscribe with your new email address. All Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications welcome messages contain the information necessary for subscription and removal from their appropriate Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications.

Endeavors Media, Ltd provides unsubscribe/opt-out opportunities for all Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications that you choose to receive. All Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications welcome messages contain the information necessary for removal from the Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications. Removal from all Lists, Newsletters, and/or Publications is instant and automated by our servers.

Visitor Data
* Endeavors Media, Ltd collects site aggregate and customer-specific information about the pages you view on our site. Endeavors Media, Ltd log IP addresses, browser and platform types, domain names, access times and referral data. Endeavors Media, Ltd also collect information a customer volunteers on surveys and electronic forms. This information is used to improve our web sites.

* Endeavors Media, Ltd gathers data on its websites. This is a standard industry practice and is used to find out how visitors use our site. Endeavors Media, Ltd collects aggregate information on the public areas of our website. Endeavors Media, Ltd also collects information on an individual basis on areas of our website that require visitors to logon using an ID and password. Endeavors Media, Ltd may collect the following data:
1. How many people visit our website
2. The pages they visit and the features they use
3. How long they stay on our website
4. The web site people come from before reaching our site

Visitors From Outside the United States
All Personal Information collected at our web sites is collected and stored in the United States. By submitting Personal Information to this web site, you are consenting to the storage of your Personal Information in the United States.

Endeavors Media, Ltd is committed to providing special protection for the privacy of children who may visit our web sites.    Endeavors Media, Ltd is also committed to fully complying with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  Endeavors Media, Ltd encourage parents to spend time online with their children, become familiar with the features of our web sites and participate in the activities offered on our web sites.    Our protections for the privacy of children include the following:

* Endeavors Media, Ltd do not knowingly collect, use or retain any Personal Information, for any purpose whatsoever (including internal or external marketing or promotional purposes), from visitors to this web site who are age 12 or younger.  In addition, Endeavors Media, Ltd will delete any records of such Personal Information that come to our attention.
* Since Endeavors Media, Ltd do not knowingly collect any Personal Information from visitors to this web site who are age 12 or younger, Endeavors Media, Ltd do not disclose or transfer any such information to third parties.
* Endeavors Media, Ltd does not request any visitor to provide any information about their family members, friends or other persons.
* Endeavors Media, Ltd do not allow visitors who are age 12 or younger to be listed in any directory of registered users, to participate in any of our chat services, to register for contests, sweepstakes, promotions, or newsletters, or to receive direct marketing from Endeavors Media, Ltd or from our third-party affiliates or service or product providers.

Special Note to Parents
If you become aware that your child has provided us with personal information at one of our web sites, Endeavors Media, Ltd invite you to notify us so that Endeavors Media, Ltd may delete the information from our records and discontinue any related features or services.    Endeavors Media, Ltd appreciates your cooperation in assisting us to provide a safe and enjoyable online experience for your children.

Use of Cookies
Endeavors Media, Ltd stores a cookie on a person's computer when they visit our website. A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's computer. Our website only uses cookies so our advertisement server can deliver proper ad rotation sequences. Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to personally identifiable information while on our site. Further, once a user closes their browser the cookie simply terminates. Also, Endeavors Media, Ltd uses a third-party tracking utility, which may set cookies, to analyze how users move within our site.

Other Online Security
Endeavors Media, Ltd also uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This keeps all information confidential when it is sent between our web site and the user’s computer.

Endeavors Media, Ltd keeps the emails you send to us. If you agree to receive email messages from us, Endeavors Media, Ltd will keep the information you give us to send emails of specific interest to you. If you choose to send us email, Endeavors Media, Ltd keeps your email, your email address, and our reply. Please be careful about the information you give us in an email. As with any public web site, this communication may not be secure.

Links to Third Party Web Sites
Please be advised that this web site contains certain hyperlinks to other web sites, some of which may display Endeavors Media, Ltd’s logos or other Endeavors Media, Ltd content. These web sites may have privacy policies; however, all of these web sites and their privacy policies are independent of our web sites or this Privacy Policy. Endeavors Media, Ltd is not responsible for compliance with other web sites’ privacy policies or data collection practices. You should review these privacy policies carefully before providing any Personal Information to these web sites.

Why does Endeavors Media, Ltd collect information on its websites?
Endeavors Media, Ltd or our business partners use the information from our websites for many purposes:

* Edits and feedback
* Marketing and promotions
* Analysis of user behavior
* Product/Service development
* Content improvement
* Informing advertisers how many visitors have seen or clicked on their advertisements
* Customize website content and layout

What happens if Endeavors Media, Ltd changes its privacy policy?
If Endeavors Media, Ltd decides to change our privacy policy, Endeavors Media, Ltd will post the changes in this area of the website. This way you always know what information Endeavors Media, Ltd collect, how Endeavors Media, Ltd use it, and under what circumstances Endeavors Media, Ltd disclose it.

If Endeavors Media, Ltd is going to use your personal information in a manner different from the use Endeavors Media, Ltd told you when Endeavors Media, Ltd collected it, Endeavors Media, Ltd will notify you by posting a note on our Web site for 30 days or send an email to the address you used to provide Endeavors Media, Ltd with your personal information.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy.

Please submit any inquiries to us at:
Endeavors Media, Ltd
P. O. Box 4043
Dublin, OH 43016 USA

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