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This was selected as the Best Poem that was publsihed in Images Inscript.

A Mother's Love
by Adri Sinclair

A mother's love is not only in her heart,
but attached to every nerve in her body.
It not only runs through her mind,
but also through the blood in her veins.

A mother's love is not a gift;
it is a necessity,
cultivated from a tiny seed of joy,
that she willingly devotes all her time to.

A mother's love is not a jewel, not shiny at all,
but an old rag, they're for everyday and
everywhere usage, with the
added respect and honor.

A mother's love is not only for her own,
but for all other's.
It is in the understanding, and the sharing,
it is for the whole world to enjoy.

A mother's love is nothing special,
yet, every bit just that.
It is not a deed, a kindness or such,
it is a wisdom and knowledge,
and it is an honor and joy.
It is a burden that she gladly and peacefully

A mother's love is more than you can imagine, or
that words can tell...
A mother's love is...

Adri Sinclair is a 27-Year-old mother of 1, living in Cape Town South, Africa.   Her poetry is a diary, and she mostly writes for fun or stress relief.   She loves nature, the good comedies, cooking and Fairies.   Her daughter is three years old, and is considered as her little Amber-sunshine!   She believes that life is a ball, and that we should all dress for the occasion!!

Her motto: Words are forever, but only if you put them down!

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